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Ready for an updated look and feel for a space (or more) in your home, but not sure where to start? 

Renovation design is highly personal, so it’s crucial you find a time able to understand your vision and bring it to life. At Hardy Construction, our professionals are able to help bring your vision to life no matter what resources you have to get started. Our expertise is taking the different descriptions or images you have collected and combining them in a way that works well for your existing space or making suggestions for how to alter your home to suit your dreams. 

That’s what our skilled at Hardy Construction excel at. Not only do we conduct all of the home renovation work you need done at a price and quality you can trust, but we also provide design consultations and work to bring your ideas to reality. We’re able to work with a variety of design aesthetics in spaces of all shapes and sizes. 

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Signs you’re in need of renovation design

For the smallest of home renovation projects, you might be able to go it alone with either some DIY expertise (or luck) or individual contractors who clearly know their stuff. But in many instances where the renovations span multiple trades, materials, or even spaces, you’re going to want to rely on an expert to put together a design that works across the board. 

Consider for a kitchen that changing cabinetry can lead to changing benchtops, which can lead to wanting coordinating paint colours, backsplashes, and even appliances. Coordinating all of these – from tradies to colours and textures – requires a designer touch. That’s where a renovation designer comes into play. 

Renovation design includes more than aesthetics. It requires an understanding of how all the elements in a space go together technically as well. Here are just a few areas that call for a designer to take charge:

  • Layout changes
  • Adding water or gas lines
  • Relocating major fixtures
  • Removing walls
  • Adding windows
  • Updating finishes
  • Work that requires a permit

Cost considerations for design work

Renovation design itself is the first stage of any project. Before flooring is removed or walls are marked for demolition, a designer’s job is to evaluate the existing space and then propose a workable solution to the changes you want in your home. And these efforts are not without their own costs, however, they are going to vary from firm to firm. 

Typically, contractors or architects will charge for this on an hourly basis since it covers all of their time spent exploring your home, confirming specifications, selecting details, and making edits until you are 100% satisfied. Some builders will build these fees into the overall renovation project itself if you choose to go with them. The best way to be sure that you are on budget with your design work is to ask for an exact quote for your project from a qualified contractor or builder. 

What goes into designing a renovation?

With cost a factor of time spent, you’re going to wonder how long it will take to get your designs completed. That said, it’s also going to vary depending on the scope of the renovations and the level of detail needed. If you’re just swapping out a few fixtures in a bathroom and updating the tile, then the design and planning stages will take a lot less time than a full-fledged kitchen remodel. Design factors can include, and are certainly not limited to:

  • Demolition planning
  • Structural wall considerations
  • Roughing and framing
  • Floor plan modifications
  • Lighting and electrical
  • Plumbing and gas lines
  • Doors and windows
  • Trim and cornices
  • Flooring materials
  • Cabinetry and benchtops
  • Paint and colour selection 
  • Appliance selection 

How to evaluate builders for your project

With so much that goes inside the parameters of design for a renovation, you’ll want to be sure that you choose the right Fairfield or Brisbane-based contractor for the job. Experience is key when it comes to design work, so be sure to ask how long a firm has been in business and how much hard experience they have with doing designs from scratch. A great way to back this up is to also ask to see a portfolio of prior designs with before-and-after photos so you can determine whether the team that you’re considering is up to the task for what you have in mind.

Cost will also come into the discussion, which is why you should ask whether they provide any free consultation work or incorporate their design fees into the larger renovation project once it’s underway. A consultation is not just a time to ask about price. It’s also when you can gauge whether the professional’s aesthetic and demeanor are a match for your own needs. You’ll be working with them for the duration of your project, so you want to be sure you choose someone you can collaborate with comfortably. 

Consider also how warranties come into play. While your design will likely shift a little as the work gets underway, you want any renovation done on your home to be protected by a warranty. And while you’re checking on the warranties, make sure that any building designer you use also takes care of any permits or permissions that are required by your local council for the work that they propose to do. 

Trust Hardy Construction for all your renovation design needs

Design the home of your dreams with the expertise and assistance of the team at Hardy Construction. Our home renovation specialties have been taken advantage of by homeowners across Fairfield and Brisbane. We’re especially skilled with efficient and unique designs that stay on time and on budget while taking absolutely zero shortcuts along the way. 

Hardy Construction also stands out by providing 20 year workmanship warranties on every project. We also provide acute attention to detail right from the start of your home renovation journey so that you’ll be 100% happy with the final outcome. If you’re ready to start designing your home renovation project – no matter how big or how small – call our team on 0405 270 2250 today. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Renovation Design In Fairfield & Brisbane

What home design changes make the most impact on home value?

Kitchens reign king when it comes to home equity for a home remodeling project. Bathrooms are a close second, especially when using higher end materials with new fixtures, cabinetry and open layouts (where applicable).

What if I don’t know where to start with my home redesign?

That’s perfectly okay! 

You can get started by making a list of the reasons why you are considering a renovation in the first place. Is your space no longer functional based on how you use it? Are the fixtures or finishes outdated? Are you happy with the layout or looking for something completely different? Sharing these ideas with a renovation designer can help them jumpstart the planning for you and present you with some ideas that you may not have thought of before. And don’t be afraid to bookmark images of different elements you like online or in magazines. 

Don’t worry about how to bring it all together (that’s for the designer to figure out), just save the ideas, designs, colours, and textures that appeal to you the most. Then let the designer do their magic.

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