How Much Does Renovation Cost in Fairfield?

You can take an existing home and make it your own with renovations priced to your budget.

Current home no longer meeting your functional or family needs? Found a piece of real estate that is too amazing to pass up property wise, but the home itself needs a lot of work? 

In either case, and many others, renovation can be the answer to updating a home and instilling additional value and curb appeal. But many homeowners and real estate investors shy away from this option because they are uncertain of the costs. 

How much does renovation cost in Fairfield? It’s all going to depend on what you’re having done and how fine your finishes are. That said, you can expect to create a budget anywhere between $40,000-$130,000 for a one- to three-bedroom home. 

And with renovation, your imagination and bank account are really the only limits when it comes to creating the home of your dreams. 

Why opt for a renovation over a tear down or new construction?

In part, this is going to be about preference. Some home owners simply prefer to start from scratch. Others like the bones of a build and see the potential in renovating the interior to match their updated standards and aesthetic.  But which is more economical? Renovation certainly tends to be faster, which can save you funds in the long run. And depending on what you’re having renovated in your home at the time, you might be able to live in the home during the construction work. Not being displaced can save you convenience as well as costs when it comes to finding another place to stay in the meantime.  Renovating generally tends to be less expensive. While you might have your contractor draw up plans for your renovation and updates, you don’t have to pay for brand new home designs, architect input, and local council clearance like you will in the case of a tear down and rebuild. If you are comfortable with the general footprint and layout of the home as it exists, you’ll save by pursuing renovation over a tear down. 

The factors that affect the cost of a home renovation

As you can imagine, a lot goes into renovating a home. And all of these steps and inclusions are going to contribute to the final cost. Here are just a few of the factors that your builder will consider when pricing out your renovation project. 


Are you looking at a cosmetic renovation or a structural one? If you’re just updating the looks of a Brisbane home without making changes to the bones, you’re likely to spend a lot less. Structural changes can require additional materials as well as the input of an architect and code inspectors, all of which add costs and time to the work at hand. 

Age of the home

The condition and the age of the home can affect what has to be updated and what doesn’t. For example, you could be interested in a home renovation for design and style reasons, but if the house has outdated electrics that are no longer up to code, those will need to be swapped out in the process. Other home systems that this can happen with include plumbing, windows and doors, and roofing. 

Material selections

You do have some say over how in (or out of) control of the costs you are. It comes down to the finishes, and materials that you choose. Going for high-end, high-quality appliances, benchtops, bathroom fixtures, and even lighting can add up. If you’re considering keeping prices lower, ask your builder for other options that might fit the budget a bit better while still looking sharp. 


It stands to reason that bigger projects are going to cost more. Most builders charge by the hour for their renovation services, plus the costs for materials. Larger projects are going to take more of their time to plan, orchestrate, and finalize, adding on to the total cost of the build. 


A large part of construction planning and budgeting happens at the start when the scope of the project is set. The best builders in Fairfield will be able to work within a set budget and respect your financial boundaries. Where the problem comes in is when homeowners start with scope creep, or asking for lots of small changes along the way. These changes can add up budget wise, especially if materials have already been ordered or plans made based on a particular layout. The more you change, the more you’ll pay for that change.

How much does renovation cost in Fairfield, QLD?

There’s no one answer to renovation costs since they vary depending on the project scope and, ultimately, the builder you choose and their quote for services. For example, a bathroom renovation and a kitchen renovation can come in at significantly different price points – or land close in price depending on what changes you’re making! That said, most home renovation projects cost anywhere between $40,000-$130,000 here in Queensland, where the average renovation falls around $60,500. This is based on not just typical builder rates, which fall within $70-$120 per hour but also the cost for materials. What about specific renovation types? Again, while it’s going to depend on the factors above, and then some, here are some ballpark figures that might help as you budget and think through your renovation plans.
Renovation Space Average Cost
Bedroom $2,000-$5,000
Living Room $10,000-$15,000
Dining Room $10,000-$15,000
Bathroom $15,000-$30,000
Kitchen $25,000-$50,000

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Renovations are a great economical decision to make that can bring a home from good to great and beyond. What you need to succeed is a clear plan and budget that your builder will stick to throughout the process. The result can be a brand-new space that meets your needs functionally and design-wise for the long term.

At Hardy Construction, we’re all about working closely with our home owners to understand your exact needs and goals and then create spaces that stun. We bring many years of experience to our projects and work quicker than anyone else than Fairfield because of our attention to detail, careful planning, and efficient planning. 

All of our projects are backed by a 20-year workmanship warranty, no matter if you’re having just one room or an entire home redone. We stand by our work and give each home a high level of accuracy and attention to detail, so every client is 100% satisfied. 

To learn more about our renovation services, call us on 0405 270 225 or contact us online for a free consultation and quote